PA Keystone Stars

Brass Ring Learning Centers are proud to be members of the PA Keystone Stars program. The Keystone Stars were initiated by the Office of Child Development and Early Learning to recognize the early learning programs in Pennsylvania that have a record of continuous quality improvement.

Pittsburgh Preschool Programs

Association for Early Learning Leaders

The Association for Early Learning Leaders, formerly known as the National Association of Child Care Professionals is committed to excellence by promoting leadership development and enhancing program quality. Early Learning Leaders goal is to provide early learning professionals with additional support and training to enhance and strengthen skills and knowledge. They provide professional development opportunities as well as encourage meaningful collaboration and connection among their members


The Pennsylvania Child Care Association (PACCA) is a not for profit organization that helps people operating early learning preschool establishments to stay abreast of the changes in educational programs, requirements, and all other things that pertain to children in a child daycare center.

PACCA was founded in 1973 and has members who are caring for more than 200,000 children in infant day care, and toddler daycare, learning institutions.



NCCA was founded in 1987 as a voice for the licensed early learning preschool centers, and educational child daycare centers. NCCA concentrates on the needs of the early learning centers, and seeing to it that they have the tools, education, and services, they need to provide the highest quality in their programs.