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by | Jan 20, 2018 | Child Care, General, Parenting

Baby Mobiles and You

Have you ever really looked at a baby mobiles hanging over cribs? Those Teddy Bears staring at you are so cute and cuddly. You place this mobile on your infants crib. The baby has got to love it,right? As you enter the room the first time you see these Teddy Bears staring at you.. Awww.

Now put your self in the place of your baby in the crib.Nice soothing music to stimulate your hearing. The bright circus tent canopy , a really good stimuli, but, can they see what you see? NO. They are looking at Teddy Bear Butts. Brown,blue,pink ,white or cream colored blobs spinning around.

Really some companies need to seriously re-think their mobile designs. Mobiles are supposed to stimulated an infants brain.

Here is a mobile design I think should be outlawed.

Baby Mobiles - Brass Ring Learning CentersFlat pillow like animals and flowers that provide zero stimulation . I bet this cost a pretty penny! I will also bet Mommy just thinks it is so cute and matches everything. What is this providing for the baby? Nice music and canopy and these flat puffy things that spin around and the infants has no clue what it is.

Baby Mobiles - Brass Ring Learning Centers

Now here is a mobile that I think the manufactures designers put a whole lot more thought into it’s design.

The infant can actually see what is above them. They can see faces and bodies. Not Butts or fluffy nothings. Okay so I would change the canopy to better colors,but, this one gets a Thumbs Up for baby usefulness.

Many years ago Fischer Price had a great mobile . It had 4 animals made of foam printed with bright colors and angled so they were actually able to be seen by the baby. Primary colors and 15 minutes music box. I wonder if they still make them.

Help Stamp out Teddy Butts. Buy a cute baby mobile that actually is made to be viewed by your baby.

Until Next Time

No More Teddy Bear Butts!

Miss Joy

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