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Back Away From The Electronics For Young Children

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Electronic Devices and Children, General, Parenting

Just say No to Electronics for Young Children (IPod, IPad, Tablets, Gameboys etc…)
There are a lot of good reasons for you to just say NO to electronics for young children. The increasing numbers of children who have type II diabetes because they are suffering from childhood obesity and eating disorders is one of the biggest reasons. When children are given electronic devices to entertain them they are less likely to go outdoors and participate in the physical activities that will keep them healthy and physically fit.

Just say NO to electronics for young children.

Just say NO to electronics for young children.

While the electronic devices are seductive because they are things that will get your children to go to their rooms and leave you alone so that you can do your chores, and other necessary things. The games keep the children occupied, but they also distance the children from the family because they spend less family time.
Children that spend more time playing electronics and less time playing with other children are socially delayed in life. They are less likely to be able to handle social confrontations with others, or handle appearing in public settings where there are large groups of people. They will be more reclusive than their peers that do not engage in electronic game play.

Children that spend a large amount of time playing video games do not have the same ability to use their imagination to entertain them. Children are by nature inquisitive, creative, and complex. They can take a cardboard box and turn it into more items than you can count. A piece of foil and a piece of cardboard can be a sword for the knights of the round table to use in their fight against the dragon(your recliner or the family dog) and they can make a microphone out of a wooden spoon and be a singing sensation while using your steps as a stage. They are supposed to engage in these activities and allow their minds to grow.

The brain is a muscle and like other muscles it can become atrophied with lack of use. An arm that is not stretched and exercised on a regular basis will shrivel up and become useless. When the brain is not challenged and exercised it will become sluggish and unable to perform in the way that it should. To exercise their brains children need to play using their imaginations. They need to read and they need to have conversations with other people.
Some parents have developed the methods of allowing their children to have a limited amount of play time on an electronic device as a reward for good behavior. The limited game play is generally offered once a week after the child successfully does the chores they are supposed to do, and the school work they are supposed to do. This type of electronic use is better than allowing them unlimited access to the games, but even the limited use is discouraged.
Electronic addictions to games, phones, and computers are creating a society of people who are inactive, unmotivated, and socially incapable of appropriate interaction.

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