Federal Crib Safety Standards

Crib safety something to think about. Before you purchase a crib for your infant be sure it  meets Federal Crib Safety Standards? So you need a crib. Please read the following information on the Crib Safety Standards, before you buy a crib from a resale shop or let...

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High Tech Baby Nursery

High Tech Baby Nursery Recently I was perusing some of the products that were being shown at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show and guess what? Your baby nursery can go high tech....Smartphone apps, low-power Bluetooth in devices, and Wi-Fi have entered the nursery....

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Weather Fears

Does your child have weather fears?  Did You Know... Your reaction to a weather situation can cause your child to fear changing weather? Thunderstorms are most likely to occur in the spring and summer months and mostly in the afternoon and evening hours. Thunderstorms...

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Put Down The Anti Bacterial and Back Away

Antibacterial Cleaning Products are they really worth it in the Long Run? It would seem that if soap kills germs and helps us to be healthier than antibacterial soap would kill more germs and help us to be even healthier. The problem is that antibacterial soaps and...

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Calling on your IMAGINATION

Growing your Child’s Imagination The days of childhood when you were free to let your imagination take you wherever it may lead were special times in our lives. Many children never get to experience this freedom because today every minute of their lives is organized,...

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Whooping Cough Alert!

Yesterday it was reported that several cases of whooping cough has been confirmed at a Pittsburgh High School. The school district is taking precautions to prevent further spread. It is not known at this time where it was contracted.   Whooping cough can be...

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