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Children and Sickness in a Child Care Setting

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Illness in children

Well it is that time of year again. School has now been in session, in most local school districts, for a little over 7 weeks. So children are being exposed to more germs than usual. We are also entering into cold and flu season. As a center based provider of childcare for children ages 6 weeks to school age I would like to pass on some advice to help prevent the spread of germs.

First of all, everybody needs to practice good hand washing hygiene. Hot water and soap rub hands together for 30 seconds and then rinse.

If you sneeze or cough do so into the crook of your arm. Many viruses are spread through the air.

Dispose of used tissues immediately in a proper manner.

If you or your child is feeling unwell pay attention. (As you may have heard there have been some cases of enterovirus which looks and acts like a cold but is much worse)

If your child is running a temperature. See a doctor. Please don’t send your child to daycare. Yes, I know we all need to work and make money to live on ,but, sometimes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Exclude your child from daycare if they are experiencing stomach or bowel upset. If you bring them in they will only end up being sent home.

Practice good sanitizing at home. At our child care centers we sanitize constantly to help prevent the spread of germs. Wipe down most frequently touched surface such as door knobs, door jambs, counter tops, tables, chairs you may also consider sanitizing your kids toys once a week, especially sanitize toys that have been shared with a friend. Never allow your child to drink from anyone elses glass.

When shopping take your own hand sanitizer with you and wipe down the cart handle. Especially if you are shopping with your child!!! They will inevitably lick or put their mouth on that handle.

If you practice good health habits your child will learn them too. Here is to staying healthy and not spreading our germs!

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