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Responding to flu season at our Bethel Park child care and West Mifflin child care center.

by | Jan 26, 2018 | Child Care, General, Illness in children, Parenting

Flu Season 2017 -2018

Children attending child care, whether it be a large center or a small center, will get sick.  Try as we might we cannot always stop the spread of colds or viruses,unless parents are diligently monitoring their childrens health.

The staff at our Bethel Park Child Care Center and at our West Mifflin Child Care center have been diligently sanitizing and disinfecting everything every day. We still have seen  several cases of the flu.

Staying home stops the spread of illness.

Please keep me home when I am sick.

Some very simple guidelines that should be followed …

If your child is running a temperature over 100 degrees keep them home until they are free of a temperature for 24 hours. 

Please take your child to see their Pediatrician if they have a persistent cough or runny noses. 

If your child is pulling on their ear and crying for no reason. See your Doctor.

If your child complains that their throat hurts and has a hard time swallowing . See Your Pediatrician.

Your baby refuses their bottles or is especially lethargic. See Your Pediatrician.

Your infant or older child spends a greater amount of time sleeping. See your Pediatrician.

You child has nasal discharge. See your Pediatrician.

If your child has very loose bowels or upset stomach. Please keep them home until they are 24 hours free from symptoms.

When parents send sick children into the child care setting they are risking infecting not only other children, but, also the staff members.  A center cannot function if the staff calls off from being ill. 

We have had (as many child care centers have had) parents who knowingly bring a sick child in and leave for their work day. By doing so they have now infected all who have come in contact with the sick child. Children, Staff and other families are now at risk of becoming ill.

While that child is in care it can spread the flu and then bingo domino effect. Within a couple of days children and staff members will be dropping like fly’s at both our Bethel Park child care center and our West Mifflin child care center.

In a one week period we a total of 9 confirmed cases of flu at both our Bethel Park child care center and our West Mifflin child care center.

So please do yourself and your center a favor. When your child is sick….. PLEASE keep them home.

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