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High Tech Baby Nursery

by | Jan 13, 2015 | Child Care, General, Parenting

High Tech Baby Nursery

Recently I was perusing some of the products that were being shown at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show and guess what? Your baby nursery can go high tech….Smartphone apps, low-power Bluetooth in devices, and Wi-Fi have entered the nursery.

Here are a few of the new SMART baby products shown.

Baby Seat with Smartphone Control

 Mamaroo Infanr seat

The MamaRoo by 4moms baby seat comes with varying motions: It simulates a car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye, wave and has five speed options. You can hook it up to your MP3 player or add soothing white noise all from the unit itself or via an app on your Smartphone.

I think this is a bit over done for an infant seat but you decide.

Baby Sleep Trackers

Mimo Smart Baby Tracker

Turtle tracker

Both the Mimo and Owlet devices will send info to your smartphone. It will let you know if your baby is asleep or awake. It monitors your baby sleep position (on front or on back) it also monitors your babies breathing. These products are sure to relieve some of the stress while your baby is napping or sleeping with its built in alert capabilities.

After reviewing both these products, I personally would choose the Owlet.

I feel it would be more comfortable for the child.

Owlet Smart Sock

owlet tracker

Smartphone Baby Monitors


Today there are a number of choices when it comes to baby monitors such as Withings Smart Baby Monitor, the BabyPing the Stem iZon

No more carrying around a clunky receiver that looks like a walkie-talkie. Now you can monitor your baby straight from a Smartphone, tablet or computer.

How cool is that!  I wish these had existed back in 1999 when my son was an infant rather than just a base station with poor audio and no video.

Smart Pacifier

 Pacif-i the worlds first smart pacifier

pacifi-Wirelessly transmits your babies’ temperature to your Smartphone. Pretty cool, but be advised that this temperature is close but not the same as a thermometer under the tongue.

Not a bad idea. Sure beats wrestling your baby to get their temperature.

A Smart Baby Bottle

bottle 1

Baby GLGL 

This smart baby bottle monitors how much milk a baby is drinking. It also tells parents the best angle to hold the bottle to feed the child in a way that prevents gas or colic. The Baby GlGl is a plastic sleeve that fits around existing bottles. Download the app and use this Bluetooth-connected bottle and holder and you can track the amount of milk consumed by your baby and also the duration and time of the feeding. This bottle also gives you a visual warning if the bottle is tipped up to high which could cause your baby to drink too fast or take in air bubbles.

Bottle-feeding comes pretty naturally to most new parents but make your own decision.


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