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Immunizations Part 2

by | Feb 1, 2014 | Illness in children

In this ever expanding Global Community you no longer have to travel outside of the United States to come in contact with diseases we immunize against. If you fly on an airplane chances are pretty good someone on that flight has traveled outside of the US and could be a carrier of a disease. Take a look at the woman in the news recently. She infected hundreds of people with measles just by flying in an airplane and changing planes in 2 US airports. You should protect your child with proper immunizations.

Whooping cough was pretty much wiped out here in the United States. But, in other parts of the world it is still very much a problem the same with polio, measles, mumps and small pox and many other diseases. I personally know a woman who recently had Whooping cough. She caught it while visiting the Far East. She was immunized as a child against Whooping Cough. She suggests that adults get boosters to their immunizations.

There has been a surge in Whooping Cough outbreaks across the country. In 2010 there was a Whooping Cough out break in California. Over 5,00 infants came down with whooping cough. Out of that number 9 infants died. This was the largest outbreak since 1955 in California. Recent history in PA 2009 in Western PA 19 school age children from one school district were diagnosed with Whooping cough. All of these children had not been immunized.

Vaccinating your child today will keep disease at bay in the future. Why chance your child becoming ill with Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Whooping Cough or even Polio.

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