Infant Program

Infant Child Care

Our Bethel Park Infant staff spends time engaging with the babies. They provide interesting and colorful items for the babies to reach for and play with. We encourage our infants to move and verbalize as well as begin to socialize with other infants in our Infant daycare program.

We believe that education can and does start in infancy. Stories are read and songs are sung daily with the children. Everyday is a new experience, each interaction with parents, caregivers and other infants are all learning experiences. Our staff recognizes the potential for the infant to learn and discover something everyday and will provide experiences that are new and interesting.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are an educationally and developmentally based childcare center. While your baby is in our care we complete bi-annual developmental assessments to track developmental growth. This helps us to provide individualized goals for each infant. The results of the assessments are shared and discussed at the request of the parent.

Our Infant childcare staff understands how important it is for babies to have predictable daily routines. This is precisely why we ask parents to provide a daily feeding and sleeping schedule as well as a general description of the infant’s daily routine. By utilizing the same schedule as they have at home we can assist the infants in an easy transition from home to center based infant childcare.

As infants grow and develop their routines and schedules will change. Parents are encouraged to share with our Bethel Park Infant childcare staff members any and all changes in the baby’s sleeping, eating or daily routines so that we can make adjustments.

Our Infant Room has been designed with your baby’s health, safety, comfort and security in mind. From the high quality cribs we provide to the colorful and fun wall décor we have chosen, you can be assured you have made the right choice of child care providers.

Brass Ring Learning Centers provides developmentally appropriate and educationally stimulating care for babies from age 6 weeks to 18 months.

Entering a child care situation is a big decision for your family. At Brass Ring Learning Centers, we hope to make the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our staff will work with you to minimize any disruption to your baby’s schedule. We strongly encourage parents to communicate with our staff daily regarding any changes in your baby’s schedule.

Our Infant Child Care Program provides stimulating play items to enhance your baby’s desire to explore their environment and discover their world.
During your baby’s day, your baby will receive personalized attention to support their ever evolving social and emotional skills.

baby drinking from bottle, wrapped in a towel

We encourage parents to provide us with daily feeding schedules and routines. When parents provide this information we are able to assure the transition to childcare to be as smooth as possible. The information provided by parents is then used to create an individualize Infant Daycare plan. This plan is shared with our infant daycare staff so that disruption to your baby’s routine and schedules are kept to a minimum.

Brass Ring Learning Centers designed our infant child care program to provide infants with not only a loving, caring and stimulating child care experience. But, also with an experience that is individualized. No two infants are the same and we understand that.

Our infant child care staff members are dedicated to ensuring your baby is happy, well cared for and given the opportunity to explore their environment safely.

We believe communication between parents and our staff is very important. Our parents are welcome to ask questions of our infant child care staff or leave written communications.

Our staff members are passionate about infant daycare and are focused on your baby’s growth and development. We believe in providing all of our babies with quality one on one time with our staff members. Between the hugs and cuddles, our Infant care staff encourages your baby to discover and explore.

They encourage tracking objects with their eyes, reach for and grasp objects as well as their bottles. We provide your baby with plenty of back and belly time to allow them to strengthen muscles in their necks, bellies and backs.

Our dedicated staff use brightly colored toys, songs, and picture books, to help encourage the mental, physical, and emotional growth of the children in their care.

As your baby begins to crawl and become mobile we encourage the them to move freely around the rooms. Our Infant daycare rooms have been specifically designed to give the baby’s plenty of room and many interesting play items to explore.

Our infant daycare staff does an overall safety inspection of the infant care space daily to assure that the area the babies are crawling and playing in is as safe and secure as possible.

Brass Ring Learning Centers Inc. infant daycare staff have been trained and are kept current in Infant & Child CPR as well as First aid.

One vital communication tool we use is our Infant Daily Report. On this daily report you will find diaper changes, naps, feedings and any important happenings. The Infant Daily report is sent home with you every evening. It provides you, the parents, with the information you need so that you can see what your baby did during their busy day at Brass Ring Learning Center’s Infant child care program.
Baby with, fresh fruit meal and juice glass.

The first year in your baby’s life is filled with excitement and discovery. They begin to explore and learn about the world around them, every interaction is a learning experience for the young infant. Each infant in our infant child care program is given individualized attention, ample love and the opportunity to blossom.

To make sure your baby is on track developmentally we use the Denver Developmental testing method. You will receive a report outlining your infant’s developmental milestones monthly. Parents of infants in our infant childcare program are encouraged to schedule a conference with the center Director to discuss the milestones your infant has reached and the milestones they are working on.

As your infant grows into a young toddler we prepare them for the transition to our Young Toddler / Tweener group. They are given the opportunity to feed themselves finger foods, drink from sippy cups, and participate in an abbreviated circle time as well as create their own art work.

Thank you for your interest in our Infant Program!

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Caring for Infants

Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy! Your life has changed for the best! We have compiled a list of helpful tips for parents of infants.

Infants should always be placed in a rear facing, age and weight appropriate car seat. The straps should be tight enough to hold your baby in position in case of sudden stops or an accident.

Never leave your baby unattended in a vehicle. Not even for a minute.

To minimize the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death) always place your infant on their back to sleep.

To help control gas, burp your infant every 2 ounces. This sounds excessive but it does help relieve built up air in the stomach and helps control belly aches. As your infant grows you can wait to burp until after they have finished their bottle.

If you intend on having your infant attend childcare, we suggest that you not turn your home into a mausoleum at naptime. Play a radio and go about your normal activities. By having noise you will help your infant adjust to normal life.

Never feed baby food out of a jar, unless your infant is able to consume an entire jar of baby food at one feeding. Take only the amount you need out of the jar and put it in another bowl. The saliva from your infant’s mouth will begin to break down the pureed food quickly and you will be left with a watery mess.

As your baby begins to feed themselves regular table food be sure to cut the foods up into small pieces to help prevent choking. Hot dogs, the number one cause of choking in children, should be cut into rings then the rings are cut into 4 pieces. Grapes should also be cut into four pieces.

Never heat a baby bottle in a microwave! The formula or breast milk can go from cold to scalding very quickly.

Never allow smoking in your home. Second hand smoke can cause respiratory problem for your child such as asthma or bronchitis.

Never allow your child to play with anything that is smaller than an orange or that can cover their face.