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Is it ADD, ADHD, or just a Lack of Discipline in a Child?

by | Nov 29, 2018 | ADD or ADHD, Brass Ring Learning Center, Child Development

Fifty years ago no one had ever heard of ADD or ADHD, when a child was unruly, or was unable to sit quietly and does their school work, they were punished in an attempt to make them conform. These punishments did not always make the child conform because some children really could not help the fact that they could not sit still or pay attention like their classmates. Today many people say that ADD and ADHD are blamed for poor parenting and a lack of discipline in the home. In some cases these people may be correct, but there are signs to look for to try and determine if the child is just a spoiled brat, or there are underlying issues.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention recognize the neurobehavioral disorder known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as being the most frequently diagnosed neurobehavioral disorder in children under the age of thirteen.

Some of the symptoms that can help you identify a child that possibly suffers from ADHD are:

  • The inability to sit still
  • The child is very easily distracted from what they are doing
  • They are more forgetful than the average child
  • They seem to daydream more frequently than the average child
  • They have what appears to be poor listening skills
  • They have difficulty in concentrating on things
  • They have troubles in activities that require them to take turns because they cannot keep focused for periods of time long enough to wait for their next turn
  • They will talk excessively
  • They tend to climb on things at inappropriate times
  • They may run or skip at times that are not appropriate to do so
  • They squirm when seated in chairs
  • They are unable to play quietly and are almost always making noises
  • They are often defiant and occasionally they are aggressive
  • They interrupt others when they are speaking

Some of you are saying that most of the items on the above list of symptoms and signs of ADHD are things that the majority of children demonstrate. This is absolutely true, but there are some differences that will help you decide if the child might need to see a doctor.

Children who act out at home and can come to school and behave correctly are displaying a behavioral problem from a lack of discipline, or attention, in the home. Children who suffer from ADD, or ADHD, cannot turn their symptoms off at will. They cannot behave perfectly, no matter where they are or what the situation is. They lack the ability to be able to concentrate and focus and this keeps them from being able to sit still, play quietly, and pay attention when other people are speaking.

Children with ADD, or ADHD, do not always disturb others, they may not bother other children at all. They may simply do poorly on tasks where they have to remain focused for long periods of time.

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