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Safe Infant Sleeping Position

by | Feb 1, 2014 | Parenting

SHHH Baby Sleeping

The America Academy of Pediatrics released its infant sleep recommendation in 1992. This recommendation states that infants should be placed down for sleep in a non prone position. This means on their back to sleep. I will add my own 2 cents to this recommendation. Do not ever place an infant that is unable to roll over on their own on a soft surface on their belly. The infant can unintentionally smother. Their mouth and nose can be obstructed by blankets or comforters. Help prevent a tragedy and always place your baby on their back to sleep.

I know we all go out to the store and find those adorable crib sets that include a crib sheet, bumper pads and that gorgeous fluffy, soft comforter. Never place bumper pads,stuffed animals or blankets in your infant’s crib. Save the cute stuff for after your child turns 1 year old.

When you select a crib be sure to buy a good quality crib. I know … They can be expensive but, isn’t your baby worth the money? Now here is where resale shops are going to be unhappy with me. NEVER buy a second hand crib,unless you have checked to see if it is on a recall list and have seen it fully assembled and are sure all the safety latches and what not are in place. Be sure that the slider rails are supported by metal bracket and not cheap plastic. Purchase a new crib mattress. Be sure it fits properly and there are no gaps that may allow baby to slip through to get wedged between the mattress and the crib side. When selecting a crib mattress look for a good quality, name brand firm or extra firm mattress.

Dress your baby in a one piece sleeper outfit to keep them comfortable while they sleep. Never keep your babies room too warm as to make the baby uncomfortable. In conversations with a few pediatricians , I have been told they recommend 66 degrees to 70 degrees. The cooler the temperature the better your baby can sleep. Now don’t go crazy and turn that thermostat to 60. You need to be comfortable too.

If you baby has reflux it is recommended that they sleep in an elevated position. This can be accomplished by raising one end of the crib to a slight angle by using something sturdy so that the crib won’t slip off. In other words anything other than a stack of books. You can have some wooden blocks cut to the desired height and length. I feel it is OK to have your infant nap in a bouncy seat or swing if they have reflux. Some pediatricians recommend it. But, for heavens sake do not place the bouncy seat on a counter, couch, table or any elevated surface. Accidents do happen. Save yourself from having a heart attack or a rush to the emergency room. The floor is where I recommend you place that bouncy seat. It can’t fall off the floor.

Until next time remember….. Safety First, Cuteness Later


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