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Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of radio ads advertising child care franchises and they all seem to have a few things in common.

1: You don’t need any experience in the childcare field.

2: They say the typical franchisee comes from varied backgrounds such as an accountant, office manager and so on…

3: All you need is the desire to own your own business that you can manage part time and you will make gobs of money.


This is more than a bit scary, the person owning/running your childs center has no formal education in Child Development or Early Childhood Education.

The franchisee has no real life idea of what is actually required to provide a quality childcare experience.

While they may counter that they hire a director that does have the appropriate education, that director has very little if any say on how the center is actually run. All decisions are being made by both the franchisee and the franchise corporation.


I also find it somewhat amusing that all these new franchises are claiming to be “learning based” as that is all the new buzz, while Brass Ring Learning Centers have been an educationally based childcare center for almost 30 years, I guess we were just that far ahead of the curve or maybe we were just doing what any parent should expect from its childcare center, an educationally based curriculum in a safe and loving environment at an affordable price.


As a locally owned and operated childcare center Brass Ring Learning Centers strives to support the local community by not only providing a quality affordable childcare experience but also by supporting local community and charitable organizations as well as other local merchants which helps to keep the money in the local community.


Independent childcare agencies are in the business because they want to help shape tomorrows leaders and help out families. They set their goals to provide the best in early education and quality care and hope that at the end of the day they have made a difference in a child or families life. We also hope to be able to make a little money too. We are accountable to our families and our staff not a corporation who expects a better bottom line and bigger royalties to be paid.



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